A Social Distancing Tool for Today's Worksites

Workplace Environments Are Changing.

Keep your new hires and HR staff safe from COVID-19 exposure by switching to mobile onboarding!

Engage your new hires safely before day one.  See how!

A Better Way to Onboard.

Go Paperless

Prevent possible exposure to contaminated forms.

Stop Onsite Onboarding

Eliminate the need to sanitize workstations after each use.

Onboard from Anywhere

Employees no longer need to be in the building and can complete all of their forms digitally.

Testimonials from Payroll Users

"As a payroll processor, all documents are online and easily imported into payroll without having to handle physical papers.”

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After Onboarding 360
There is Self Service 360

With the ability to access their data 24/7 from any location, your clients and their employees will have the information they need to know right at their fingertips.

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